Did You Know?

Did you know?
You may think you know everything there is to know about dogs and cats, but you might be surprised at a few of these astonishing facts:

A dog’s eye view. You may never know exactly what life looks like through your dog’s eyes, but chances are it isn’t all black and white – as most people think. Dogs can see blue, violet and lots of shades of gray. And while they probably can’t see red, orange, yellow or green very well– they can see better than us in low light conditions.

Coat color and blindness.
Speaking of black and white – if your cat has a completely white coat, there’s a good chance she’s deaf – especially if she has blue eyes. These gene traits are linked to deafness. Interestingly enough, if the cat has only one blue eye, she is likely to be deaf on that side only.

Clever canines. Some super-smart dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words, putting them on par with the average 2- to 3-year old human. Most, however have a capacity of about 160 words (though it will require some rigorous training) – still, not too shabby.

The feline “chirp.” Cats have a way with language too. In fact, have you ever heard your cat “chirp?” This high-pitched sound is brought about by the sight of prey, and becomes especially loud if your cat is blocked from getting to it.

Super scent glands. Chirping isn’t all cat’s can do with their mouths. There is actually a small scent gland in the roof of cats’ mouths called the vomeronasal organ, and it gives your feline a great whiff of the scents that may surround her – especially those from other kitties in the vicinity.

The limp indicator. While a cough is often a common symptom of lung cancer in dogs, a limp can be sign for danger too. Cancer in a dog’s chest can actually activate leg bones to grow new tissue, causing pain in your pup’s legs. Once the cancer is treated however, this strange symptom seems to disappear.

Kitty Kisses. If your cat has ever gazed into your eyes and blinked slowly, she may be blowing you a kiss. According to feline experts, this act is a peace sign directed at other cats. When aimed at a human, it’s a show of affection. Some people even claim that if they blink at their cat, their pet will blink back.

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