Book your fall grooming now!

Each full groom includes:

Bath: All dogs are bathed using hypoallergenic shampoos to ensure the coat is totally clean.

Full Dry: Each dog blow dried to the skin surface to ensure your dog is completely dry to help prevent hot spots and skin irritation.

Cut & Style: The cut and style is done according to customer's preference.

Anal Glands: Anal glands are expressed to reduce irritation.

Ears: Hair is removed from the ear canal and the area is cleaned using a natural ear cleaner.

Manicure/ Pedicure: Nails are trimmed to the quick.

Combing/ Brushing: Dogs are completely de-matted during their  combing and brushing.

Pet Cologne and Bandana are included!
Other hair accesories are available on request.

                                  Monday thru Friday  9AM-7PM (last appointment at 6PM)
                                   Saturday/Sunday  11AM-6PM (last appointment at 5PM)